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Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is a truly marvelous timepiece collection. A reinvention of the first modern dive watch in 1953, this line showcases timepieces made from contemporary materials that feature an attractive nautical style. All pieces exhibit the same signature elements for a cohesive effect. High-quality titanium ensures peerless durability, while an array of complications including chronographs are the mainstays of these fine watches. They celebrate innovation and an adventurous spirit while commemorating Blancpain’s commitment and passion for dive watches. By owning a Fifty Fathoms timepiece, you are participating in a long lineage of quality and sophistication.

Why Choose a Fifty Fathoms Watch?

The Fifty Fathoms collection is offered by Blancpain, one of the world’s most celebrated and renowned watchmakers. Established in 1735, this Swiss company is the oldest surviving watch brand. They are specialists in automatic and manual movements. Every watch is handmade and created by a single watchmaker. Despite the company’s well-known name, they only create 30 watches per day so as to ensure that all of their watches adhere to their peerlessly strict quality standards. Among all of their collections throughout history, their 1935 Fifty Fathoms line is one of the most iconic, designed in partnership with the French navy. Jacques Costeau, legendary scuba diver and ocean explorer, even wore one.

What makes these watches different from other dive watches is their exceptional quality. Their dials are quick-to-read and elegant. Their many complications make them highly useful in a number of settings. Throughout the collection, you will find chronographs, subdials, calendars, day/dates, and even moon phase complications. Titanium, textiles, stainless steel, and other materials make them sleek and robust. Fifty Fathoms timepieces are perfectly suitable for divers and nautical enthusiasts alike. Sporting plenty of essential complications and water resistance, Fifty Fathoms watches are incredible companions. Their sophisticated aesthetic ensures their viability as a fashion accessory, while their remarkable craftsmanship makes them worthy heirlooms.

Discover Blancpain at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers

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