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About Breitling Premier

The Premier line contains many distinctive and handsome qualities, ensuring every owner has an essential companion. While several of these timepieces evoke a contemporary mastery, this collection is a reimagining of classic vintage designs. The original Premier timepieces were released in the 1940s. Made for special occasions and everyday excursions alike, they are truly extraordinary accessories. There is great diversity in this watch collection, from the spectacular and elegant to the understated and minimalist. Better yet, Breitling is a celebrated designer watch brand beloved for their sophisticated timepieces. Every collection contains marvels, and Premier is no exception.

Why Choose a Breitling Premier?

This line is not just historic: it features a plethora of qualities that make it wonderfully unique and desirable. All of these watches are elegant, sophisticated, and charming. They are characterized by round cases, Arabic numerals, and contrasting subdials. Some sport complications like chronographs and moon phases for an added touch of practicality and functionality. Most pieces do have two-pusher chronographs, imparting a stopwatch function and signature silhouette to each accessory. High-quality materials like gold and alligator leather further elevate their value and luxurious chic. There is something for everyone in this extensive and versatile collection.

More About Breitling

Breitling is a front-running pioneer in horology and has been since 1884. They are one of the most prominent figures and influences in aviation-oriented timepieces, having designed some milestone marvels during their long history. This legacy of excellence continues today, and they offer several practical pieces with distinctive complications to slide rulers. While they became famous for their contributions to the adventurer’s toolset, they now specialize in designing both outdoor-oriented and fashion-forward watches. The Swiss brand continues to innovate and reinvent from their headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the watch-making capital of the world.

Discover Breitling Premier Watches at Hing Wa Lee

Hing Wa Lee is Los Angeles’ preeminent source for designer timepieces. In addition to the many extraordinary collections by Breitling, we have a deep selection of world-renowned designers, small artisan brands, and everything in between. There is something for everyone at our Walnut and San Gabriel watch stores. Reserve an appointment with us for a personalized showing of Breitling Premier and other timepieces, ensuring that you get a first-hand view of the beauty of horology. Call the San Gabriel store at (626) 456-2222 and the Walnut shop at (909) 831-8888 to speak directly with a team member.