2022 Winter Watch Guide

November 5th, 2022

2022 Winter Watch Guide

There's no need to dread the colder months when you have a stylish winter watch to help you to bring the heat. A winter watch can make all the difference when dressed up with a suit or dressed down with a cozy sweater. Our team at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers has compiled a list of a few watches from our favorite designers to ensure your winter is filled with warmth and style. Whether you're looking for a dressy option or something more casual, we have got you covered.

Jazzmaster Viewmatic Auto Watch and Khaki Field Auto Watch

Keep It Casual

Watches from designer Hamilton are a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury to your winter wardrobe. Their styles range in design but feature common elements such as sleek lines and rich colors. The Khaki Field Auto Watch is an excellent option for those looking for something a little more versatile.

For those wanting something slightly more polished but still easy to pair with day-to-day ensembles, the Jazzmaster Viewmatic Auto Watch might be more your speed. Watches are available for men and women in these styles.

Gold-plated Portugieser Watch and Silver-Tone Portugieser Watch

Subtlety Is Key

IWC Schaffhausen watches are renowned for their quality and durability, making them an excellent choice for winter. These watches are designed with subtlety in mind, allowing them to be worn in a variety of situations.

The Portugieser Watch is an attractive option with its blue dial and silver-tone case. The black leather strap allows this piece to pair wonderfully with most any color palette. For a bit more of a subtle approach, consider this gold-plated Portugieser Watch. The timepiece features a sleek design with a crisp white dial and brown leather strap.

True Square Watch and HyperChrome Watch

Sleek and Sophisticated

Rado watches are known for their minimalist designs and use of high-quality materials. The HyperChrome Watch is an excellent example of their sophisticated style. This watch is available in several colors, but the all-black option is phenomenally fitting for a winter look. A stainless steel band complements the black dial and stainless steel case.

The True Square Watch, meanwhile, is an attractive option for the woman who reigns in elegance. The rectangular face is unique and eye-catching, while the black dial and bracelet give it a regal feel.

Elite Classic Watch and Defy El Primero 21 Watch

Edgy and Elite

Zenith watches are the perfect addition to any outfit, regardless of the season. The Defy El Primero 21 Watch is an exceptional choice for the chilly months. The 18K rose gold design is sleek and sophisticated, with the strap adding just the right amount of edge.

For the elite woman who comes alive during the winter months, the Elite Classic Watch is an ideal choice. The 18K white gold design is adorned with accent diamonds, with a blue strap emulating the clear blue skies of California.

Shop Winter Watches at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers

Shop Winter Watches at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers

As one of the largest authorized watch dealers in California, Hing Wa Lee Jewelers is your go-to destination for all things watches. We carry all of the brands mentioned above and many more. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help you find a fashionable style to match your winter wardrobe. Stay warm and stylish this winter with a new Hing Wa Lee Jewelers watch. Request an appointment to come in and see us today to shop for your dream winter watch.