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Guide on 2022 New Year Watch Trends for Men

December 5th, 2021

man checking his watch

In the market for a watch? Make sure that it is going to be in style. The last thing one wants is to pick a brand-new, pricey piece that is no longer fashionable. However, with the countless number of watches out there, it may be difficult to figure out which are trendy and which are not. With knowledge, you can stay more fashionable for longer, and our guide hopes to illuminate some truths about the 2022’s trends for men’s watches.

jaeger la coultre master watch

There is No Feminine

No longer are men restricted by marketing terms like “feminine.” Today’s designers are incorporating elements of women’s watches into men’s watches. As a result, designers have been releasing all kinds of new and exciting timepieces. By making use of “forbidden” materials like rose gold, designers are innovating and elevating men’s watches all of the time.

This Jaeger La Coultre Master Watch is worthy of its commanding name. It has a muted rose gold round case and a black alligator leather strap to project eccentric masculinity. For those who want a show-stopping, attention-grabbing, and fashionable piece, this watch is best.

ulysse nardin watches

Time to Save the Planet

People are becoming more conscious of climate change. As a result, they have been investing in more environmentally sustainable products. Timepieces are not an exception to this trend, and many high-end watch designers have been using renewable resources in their designs.

Ulysse Nardin has a variety of intricate and exquisite pieces for those who care. Their 17 Sustainable Development Goals are set to be achieved within the next decade.

minimalist style watch

Less is More Style

Minimalist watches go great with everything. These pieces strip a timepiece down to its base components to focus on form and function - especially the former. As a result, these types of watches can look great with any outfit. Stunning and intricate, these subtle pieces are popular and trendy.

bronze watch from zenith

Back to the Bronze Age

Bronze pieces are unique, fantastical pieces that make quite the statement. While many think of the classic green when imagining bronze, these pieces begin their lifespan with a dashing amber brown. As they are exposed to time and oxygen, most develop a rich green color unless polished routinely.

This Zenith Pilot Type 20 has a bronze case with an olive leather strap. The easy to read Arabic numbers helps complete this comfortable piece. This watch is truly one-of-a-kind and perfect for those who want an heirloom piece that looks good with everything.

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