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Guide to Tough Made Watches for Rugged Lifestyles

February 5th, 2022

man exploring with timepiece

While some people use timepieces as a fashion accessory, others admire them for their primary purpose: to tell time. People who live a rugged lifestyle value this especially, as it is not always a good decision to bring a cellphone along on every adventure. There are many watches that focus on functional features and survivability, whether it’s through the materials they are made of or the masterfully incorporated complications. These watches are perfect for those who want a high-quality timepiece that doesn’t bend to the elements.

breitling silver avenger watch


Breitling is one of the oldest timepiece companies, first established in 1884. This high-end designer has a history of innovation, whether it is through the art of horology or stylish designs. These timepieces vary from the fashion-forward to the adventurous.

The Avenger GMT 43 has robustness and style. It uses hardy stainless steel to ensure it survives any scrape. This watch also places an emphasis on legibility through an anti-glare coating, strong sapphire glass, and white background.

tag heuer watch formula one

TAG Heuer

For those seeking a watch that will withstand any circumstance, TAG Heuer is perfect. This Swiss brand has been making fine timepieces for over a century. The Formula One collection was inspired by the fastest racing, which, by nature of the sport, requires precise watches that can perform under any condition.

Its contrasting monochromatic face ensures that it is clearly readable, as well as a 60-second hand. It is also water-resistant, surviving up to 650 feet.

hublot watch


Hublot brands themselves as the “master of fusion,” combining classic design with state-of-the-art technology. This brand loves the intricate gears that keep the watch ticking and has many pieces utilizing a glass face. Skeleton watches put the gears inside on full view, allowing one to marvel at the intrinsic beauty of the machinery. Hublot encases all of this in a variety of high-quality materials, including steel and plastics for tenacious timepieces.

Its signature skeleton dial allows one to witness the self-winding movement for themselves. It also uses Arabic numerals for added legibility.

tree panerai watch images


Panerai is an Italian brand that specializes in stylish, nautical timepieces. Founded in Florence, this company has been creating exquisite watches since 1860. Panerai pieces are not only tenacious but feature unique complications for unique practicality.

This water-resistant watch exhibits glow-in-the-dark hands, a titanium case, and a rubber band. On the side of the case, it features a self-winding dial for a fascinating, extraordinary aesthetic. For those who want an unusual piece that is as stylish as it is functional, this is an excellent choice.

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