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How to Find the Best Tactical Watches

May 25th, 2023

A fancy, luxurious watch with a durable stainless steel

Tactical watches are more than just fashion accessories - they are essential tools for outdoor enthusiasts and military professionals. These watches are designed to withstand extreme environments and provide accurate timekeeping in even the toughest conditions. They often feature useful tools like compasses, altimeters, and GPS technology to help users navigate the outdoors. In addition, many tactical watches are designed to be shock-resistant and water-resistant, making them durable and reliable even in harsh environments. Some models even come with features like night vision and illumination, which can be useful in low-light conditions.

Carbon fiber TAG Heuer Automatic Watch with rubber strap

The Case Must be Strong

The case of a watch is an important consideration when choosing a tactical watch. The materials used in the case can affect the watch's durability and resistance to shock and water damage. Carbon fiber is an excellent material for watch cases due to its lightweight yet durable properties. Stainless steel is another popular choice, as it is corrosion-resistant and provides a sleek and stylish look. Other durable materials used in watch cases include titanium and ceramic. This TAG Heuer Automatic Watch is a great example, as it exhibits a carbon and stainless steel case, allowing for exposure to water for up to 1,000 feet.

IWC Pilot’s watch with textile strap and steel case

A Strapping Strap

The strap of a watch is another important consideration when choosing a tactical watch. It is responsible for keeping the watch securely on your wrist, even during rigorous outdoor activities. Textile straps are suitable due to their durability and comfort, as they are often breathable and lightweight. This IWC Schaffhausen Pilot's Watch has a marvelous textile strap and a robust case. Rubber straps are also a good choice as they are water-resistant and provide a secure fit. Stainless steel straps provide a sleek and stylish look while being durable and corrosion-resistant.

Endurance Pro watch by Breitling featuring many complications

Make it Complicated

Complications are additional features in a watch beyond timekeeping. In outdoor watches, complications such as chronographs, moon phases, and calendars are popular due to their usefulness in outdoor activities. Chronographs are useful for timing activities like hiking and running, while moon phase complications are great for tracking lunar cycles. Calendar complications are useful for keeping track of important dates and events while out in the field. Some watches even have altimeters, barometers, and GPS technology to help users navigate and stay safe during their outdoor adventures. For a watch with a number of helpful functions, consider this Breitling Endurance Pro Watch which sports a chronograph, compass, and multiple subdials to ensure precise timekeeping.

Special edition watch by Tissot with quartz movement

Keep it Quartz

Quartz movement is generally more useful for tactical watches due to its reliability and accuracy. These watches use a battery-powered oscillator to keep time, which is more accurate than a mechanical oscillator. This means that quartz watches can provide more accurate timekeeping over longer periods of time without the need for frequent adjustments. In addition, quartz watches are less susceptible to the effects of temperature and magnetism, which can affect the accuracy of mechanical watches. The magnificent Tissot T-Race Cycling Tour de France Watch has a quartz movement, resistant materials, and plenty of complications.

A handsomely dress arm picks up and inspects a timepiece out of a case full of timepieces

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