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Timeless Brilliance: Diamond-Accented Watches

January 15th, 2022

man checking his watch

Diamonds have been regarded as a luxurious gemstone throughout history, making it no surprise that they've become popular watch adornments.Diamond accents are small cuts of diamonds set into jewelry, adding enhanced brilliance to larger diamonds, gemstones, and timepieces alike. They're an excellent design choice to consider when looking for a way to add more brilliance to your look.

Why Choose Diamond Accents’

Diamonds are rare gemstones that take millions of years to form beneath the earth's surface, aided by intense levels of heat and pressure. The result is a brilliant stone unrivaled in radiance and perfect for adornments. Diamond accented watches exhibit remarkable craftsmanship and iconic designs brimming with luster.

Types of Diamond Accents

A variety of diamond accent styles allows you to curate your timepiece to the outing or event. The optimal style of diamond accents for your watch will depend on your taste, color preference, and desired shape.

zenith bold baguette watch

Bold Baguette

The baguette cut has a french namesake like so many modern-day luxury items. It originated during the 1920s and 1930s as one of the many innovations delivered during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. The baguette cut is considered a step-cut diamond (like an emerald or Asscher cut) due to its square facets and graduated surfaces.

This Zenith watch with automatic movement features a titanium bezel and a beautiful example of baguette cut diamonds, resulting in a timepiece unsurpassed in luster and durability.

vacheron round watch

Traditional Round Cut

Round cut diamonds have been a cornerstone shape in luxury designs throughout the centuries. Jewelers break them down into three sizes, stars (0.02 ct or less), full cuts (0.02-0.07), and melee (0.08-0.18). Thanks to its versatility, the round cut has endured as these diamonds make excellent compliments for bolder settings and work well to add a touch of radiance to delicate, ornate designs.

This stunning Vacheron Constantin watch features a blue satin band and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. A bed of round cut diamonds decorates the dial and covers the bezel.

Blinding Bezels

The bezel, which is the metal ring surrounding the dial and locking in the sapphire crystal, is an ideal location to place diamond accents. Most bezels are made of steel, gold, silver, or ceramic, and many offer a glittering display of gemstones like diamonds.

girard perregaux watch

Decorative Dials

The dial is the most recognizable part of a watch, making it an excellent surface to adorn with diamond accents. The customization options are limitless. Many choose to add diamond indices to indicate the hours or set them strategically to offset the watch complications.

The Girard Perregaux 1966 watch is a display of subtle refinement. It features diamond hour markers set between the hours twelve, three, six, and nine.

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