Timepieces to Travel With This Summer

June 20th, 2021

man with watch holding tree

When it is that time to let your hair down and relax by the pool, you will need a luxury timepiece that can keep up with your relaxed getaway lifestyle. Vacation-friendly watches can be bold and daring or simple and classic, depending on your R&R needs.

Our timepiece guide covers the most vacation-friendly watch styles on the market. Whether you're going on an action-packed adventure or taking it easy at the spa, our style and watch recommendations can help you keep time while the good vibes keep rolling.

How to Travel With Your Luxury Timepieces

Before we dive into our top watch recommendations, let us cover our pro tips for bringing along your vacation-friendly watches.

Here are some tips to keep you and your watches safe:

  • What activities do you plan on doing? Bring a watch that can handle the fun.
  • While the climate affects what you wear? Consider the type of watch that will withstand the local environment and climate.
  • Invest in a watch case meant for traveling to keep them scratch-free and in working order. Even a pair of socks can work for last minute getaways.
  • If possible, bring a watch that will work for multiple uses. Think water-resistant with a chronograph. A change of strap can make all the difference for a daytime to nighttime transformation.
  • Always carry your watches on your person or in your carry-on bag

man reaching out with watch

Out at Sea

If you'll be taking a summer trip to catch the perfect wave or swim with the dolphins, you need a water-friendly watch that can handle the depths of the great unknown.

A sporty and rugged timepiece can withstand a couple of splashes from the nearby pool-goers or the pressure of hundreds of feet deep in the sea. A water-resistant watch is a must have for all aquatic adventures.

Good Times

If you're going to be traveling a lot or have a jam-packed schedule of fun activities planned, a chronograph is a perfect timepiece for your journey. Sleek, sexy, and functional, a chronograph features a stopwatch function that can come in handy when you least expect it.

Our recommendation: IWC’s pilot’s watch chronograph 41 has an incredible array of complications (chronograph, day, date, etc) to streamline every part of your vacation. A chronograph has all the information you need for a healthy digital detox and relaxing getaway.

man in suit with watch

A Night Out

After a long day of reading by the pool or hiking up to a dormant volcano, it's time to let loose and celebrate life with friends and family. On a night out, you can sport a more sophisticated and classic timepiece that can pair perfectly with your sports coat or buttoned-down look.

Our recommendation: Paint the town red with this 1966 Girard-Perregaux watch. This vintage-inspired timepiece pays tribute to the classic Girard-Perregaux models and includes modern technical innovations. Elegant, fashionable, and timeless. This watch is the perfect way to dress up any look.

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