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Tips for Buying Your Loved One a Watch

February 25th, 2022

man with hand on head with watch

Few gifts elicit a better response than a luxury timepiece. This is because watches appeal to everyone: the fashion-conscious, the practical-minded, the collectors. However, people are like snowflakes in that some timepieces look better than others. Unless your loved one knows what they want, it can be difficult to know what to get. There are dozens of marvelous wrist watches available. With this guide, you can better narrow down the options and put a smile on your loved one’s face.


Luxury watches tend to be marketed for one gender over the other. While almost everyone can wear any watch, it’s probably a good idea to consider their gender. Women’s watches, for example, tend to be thinner and smaller than men’s watches. 

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing masculine watches for women or vice versa. This may allow for some more interesting combinations, which is ideal if your loved one likes to be unique. Yellow gold and white gold with diamond accents always mix well also.

hamilton ventura watches


There are many styles of watches out there. From vintage-inspired to more modern edges, the options are limitless. When buying a watch for a loved one, think about their personal style. What makes them unique? What sort of clothes do they wear’

For example, for more artistic people, contemplate a more eccentric design. This Hamilton Ventura XXL has a triangle case, an unusual but very fashionable choice. Its black and silver colors allow for an eye-catching contrast, producing an intriguing display.

endurance pro watch


The most adventurous people have a special need for practical pieces. These should feature complications, like chronographs, stopwatches, moon phases, and so on. Case material should also be considered, as some materials like stainless steel or carbon fiber are much more durable than precious metals.

This Endurance Pro exhibits a lightweight design ideal for athletes. It also sports a useful compass plus a chronograph with a stopwatch complication. This ensures watch is the paragon of practicality.

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Watches come in many sizes. Some are large bold pieces that make a statement, while others are thinner elegant watches made to accentuate an outfit rather than steal the show. As people are differently sized, consider how a watch would look on them.

There are plenty of watch size measurement guides on the internet, but, since this is a gift, that may not be possible. Go with what their style commands.

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