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What Makes a Dress Watch’

March 5th, 2022

Watch aficionados around the world collect a variety of styles to diversify their wardrobes. Dress watches are among the most frequently purchased timepiece types. But for those without extensive knowledge about watches, knowing the differences between the types of watches may seem like a foreign concept. Our experts at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers are here to clarify what makes a watch a dress watch.

How is a Dress Watch Defined?

Traditionally a dress watch has been defined as a watch to be worn with a suit or tuxedo. A slimmer model than a sports watch, these timepieces fit more comfortably under the cuff of a shirt or jacket.

Fashion is continuously evolving, and that goes for watches as well. Designers around the world have created beautiful watches with precious metals and luxurious leather to make truly elegant pieces. These watches do not usually have complications as they are typically quite simplistic and geared more towards style.

What Type of Straps Do Dress Watches Have?

Dress watches typically have either cow or alligator leather, although there are some exceptions for other magnificent materials. Mostly these straps come in black, brown, and navy blue, but recent trends have seen some brightly colored options as well for those whose style pops with bright accents.

It is best to match the strap to what you are wearing for formal events and don fun, bright colors for casual times with friends. However, wearing an eye-catching watch projects your confidence and assurance in your personal style.

What Do You Wear with a Dress Watch’

The standard has been to wear a dress watch with formal attire, but fashion is leaning more and more heavily towards the side of comfort. Now it is becoming more normal to wear sneakers with a suit as well as pairing oxfords and diamonds with blue jeans and a t-shirt.

Wearing a dress watch now is more about freedom of expression. It shows that you enjoy quality in both substance and aesthetic, no matter if it is going to the grocery store or to a delightful dinner party.

What Movement Should a Dress Watch Have’

This watch movement you choose depends on your lifestyle and personal preference. Manual watches require a daily wind while automatic watches are wound by the natural movements of your wrist. Mechanical movements are the building blocks on which watchmaking was founded.

A quartz watch, meanwhile, needs a battery change every now and then, but typically is a slimmer build that may better suit a dress watch. Consider every aspect before purchasing a luxury dress watch.

Purchase Fine Dress Watches at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers

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