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Which Watch Case Shape is Right for Your Next Watch’

January 25th, 2022

There are many beautiful timepieces out there. Over the centuries-old tradition of watchmaking, designers have been experimenting with case shapes for quite some time. From the classic round to the unusual Tonneau, there is a myriad of unique and fashionable styles of watch cases. Each shape brings its own aesthetic to the mix. There are many that you may want to try out. Our timepiece experts at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers have put together a guide to be able to tell if a watch case shape is right for you.

The Classic Round

Almost all watches are round. These circular timepieces might be common, but it’s for a good reason: they are easy to read. The hands rotate in a circular fashion, so it makes sense that the watch is also circular. While round watches can be anything from maximalist to minimalist, they tend to veer on the latter side. As a result, for anyone pursuing an elegant and refined timepiece, a round case might be the perfect fit.

The Ovalular Oval

These oval cases are a classy, but eccentric, variety owing to its similarity to the round while still sporting an elongated look. These elegant pieces are frequently used in women’s watches, possibly for their slender shape. As a result, oval watches frequently make use of rose gold and diamonds. This style is also excellent for formal occasions.

The Sharp Square

Simple and bold, square watches practically ooze fashion. These watches tend to stand out more than other watches, as they are arguably the opposite shape than its much more common circular kin. Square cases exhibit form over function. Some models even have a circular clock inside the square case.

The Tonneau Barrel Watch Case Shape

Tonneau is a French word meaning “barrel.” That should be no surprise to anyone looking at Tonneau style cases. These artsy Art Deco pieces are rectangular with rounded corners and bowed-out edges. Due to their popularity in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, vintage-inspired pieces use this fascinating shape. Their slender nature is also great for formal occasions, especially for people with slender wrists.

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