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Your Guide To 2021 Winter Watch Trends

November 25th, 2021

Like all elements of fashion, watch trends are ever-changing. Whether it’s a new, groundbreaking design or an antiquated style that’s resurfaced with a modern twist, each season comes with it’s own unique vogues. These are the timepiece trends we’re seeing and expecting more of this winter season.

Statement Pieces

A few years of limited social interaction and uptick in virtually-conducted meetings have resulted in some of the boldest designs we’ve seen in watch fashion in years. Whether you’re still working from home or you’re back in the office, you’ll need a statement piece this winter. Opt for a watch that features design elements that are loud in the best way, like this asymmetrical, skeleton timepiece.


Add a bit of daring dimension to any look by mixing metals. While stainless steel is as popular as ever in the world of watches, one metal we’re seeing in increased frequency is rose gold. Paired with yellow gold or flawless stainless steel, the warm glow of rose gold compliments well the warm tones typical of winter wardrobes.

Two-toned pieces like this stunning gold watch exist on the cutting edge of fashion and will stand out in any context.


It’s no surprise that minimalism in fashion is continuing its influence this winter season. Creating a piece that remains relevant and attractive while utilizing only the necessary elements is a design feat for watchmakers. Understated watch faces and subdued designs like this pink gold piece by Vacheron Constantin will undoubtedly be frequenting fashion blogs and runways this winter.

Earth Tones

As the seasons change, we trade our brightly colored pieces for the warm, earth tones of fall and winter. The same goes for watch styles. This season, we’re seeing the revitalization of all earth-tone pieces like this Panerai Luminor watch that features a warm brown leather band and deep charcoal brown watch dial. A timepiece in gorgeous neutrals will fit seamlessly into any wardrobe this winter.


It’s not unusual to see designers bring back best-selling styles from years past with a modern upgrade. A vintage timepiece is a nod to former fashion and exhibits a knowledge of both watch history and stylistic boldness. A true watch connoisseur’s collection is not complete without a vintage piece.

This winter we’re seeing styles that draw influence from eras all across the historical timeline, from 1920s art deco like this Girrard-Perregaux vintage piece to the 90s and 2000s digital age.

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