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Designer Spotlight: Mattia Cielo

It is our distinct pleasure here at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers, to offer our discerning clientele a stunning collection of fashion jewelry by Mattia Cielo, a brand that epitomizes the fusion of avant-garde design and traditional Italian craftsmanship. Established by Mattia Cielo and renowned jewelry designer Massimiliano Bonoli, the brand revolutionizes the concept of contemporary jewelry. Mattia Cielo's creations are characterized by their innovative, architectural designs that challenge conventional jewelry aesthetics. Their pieces, often resembling wearable art, are crafted to be not just visually stunning but also comfortable and functional. The brand's philosophy centers on creating jewelry that harmonizes with the wearer's body and movement, making each piece a testament to both artistic expression and exquisite craftsmanship.

Popular Mattia Cielo Jewelry

Our exquisite inventory of fashion accessories by Mattia Cielo is a marvel of modern design and engineering. Their earrings, including elegant drops and stylish hoops, demonstrate fluidity and movement, often featuring a spiral or serpentine design that elegantly curves around the ear or neck. This dynamic style is a signature of Mattia Cielo, reflecting a contemporary and architectural approach to jewelry design. Necklaces by this designer are equally striking, often characterized by their flexibility and ability to adapt to the wearer's movements. Crafted with precious metals and embellished with diamonds and other gemstones, these pieces combine luxury with a sense of playful, kinetic energy, making them unique in the realm of high-end jewelry.

Also among this designer's sublime selection are wrap bracelets and diamond fashion rings, exhibiting ingenious design and detailed craftsmanship. The wrap bracelets embody the brand's love for fusing functionality with avant-garde aesthetics. These pieces often feature a flexible, coiling design, allowing them to gracefully conform to the wearer's wrist. Their diamond rings are equally dazzling, featuring unique, sculptural shapes that challenge traditional ring designs. Incorporating high-quality diamonds, these rings display an interplay of light and form, with each piece mirroring a new-age approach to luxury accessories. Mattia Cielo's jewelry stands out for its artistic expression, blending bold design with the glistening allure of diamonds.

Discover Mattia Cielo at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers

We warmly invite you to enjoy the visionary and artistic world of Mattia Cielo at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers, where progressive design meets definitive craftsmanship. At our luxurious jewelry stores in San Gabriel and Walnut, California, and, soon, our new Los Angeles location, you can explore the unique and enthralling fashion jewelry of Mattia Cielo. Known for their sculptural wrap bracelets and architecturally inspired diamond rings, each piece is a testament to trendy elegance and invention. Visit Hing Wa Lee to glimpse the stunning range we offer. For a personalized experience, we welcome you to request an appointment, ensuring singular attention as you delve into the world of Mattia Cielo's extraordinary jewelry, available exclusively at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers.