Replacing Luxury Watch Batteries

There are two primary categories of watch movements: quartz and mechanical. The former relies upon complex electronics to work, which is powered via battery. Meanwhile, mechanical watches use intricate machinery charged using gravity, balance, and tension. Quartz movement is much more popular, as it is more cost-effective, precise, and reliable. In spite of these many benefits, quartz movement does have a few disadvantages. One is that their batteries must occasionally be replaced. This process varies in level of difficulty from watch to watch, and some brands call for incredibly specific types of batteries. With some pieces, the owner can change them themselves, while higher-end pieces sometimes require a professional touch.

How Often Do You Replace a Watch Battery?

In short, it depends on the watch. Timepieces are available with a wide variety of complications and rely upon differing levels of technology. Two years is the average lifespan of a watch battery, but they can last up to six years in some cases. Luckily, there are signs to indicate a dying battery. The most obvious signal is that the watch is not working. A more subtle indicator is if it suddenly becomes less accurate, like if it jumps or skips a few seconds. Regardless, old batteries can sometimes start leaking which can damage the piece, so should be replaced quickly and with care.

Benefits of Replacing Watch Batteries

To ensure your watch is always ticking and telling the right time, schedule routine replacements with a trusted jeweler. When you do this depends on the timepiece’s particular electronics, but we recommend replacing the batteries every 12-16 months. Note that lithium ion batteries can last up to five years, so they will not need to be serviced as often. It is extremely important that you do not let the battery get too old, so preemptive replacements will help guarantee that your favorite timepieces last for a long time. Moreover, it can save money in the long term if you do not then have to have your timepieces repaired due to damage from an old battery.

Replace Your Watch's Battery with Hing Wa Lee

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