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Introduction to Watch Key Terms

The product of true craftsmanship, designer watches offer luxury without compromising reliability. Crafted to endure throughout a lifetime, quality watchmakers employ master horologists to assemble each timepiece in state-of-the-art Swiss facilities. Held up to the highest of standards, top-tier quality timepieces are a true luxury and investment. To ensure your timepiece will retain value over time, we’ll highlight the qualities to look for in a watch. Learn the technical terms describing watch movements, components, and complications, before browsing luxury timepieces at Hing Wa Lee.

Watch Movements

Every watch houses an inner mechanism to power its functions and keep time. Watches are either mechanical, which can be automatic or hand-wound, or quartz, which refers to battery-powered timepieces. The automatic watch is favored for its ease of use, as the watch is wound by the motion of the wearer’s wrist, while a hand-wound timepiece requires the twisting of the crown. However, many watch manufacturers refer to the movement as a caliber. If the movement indicates a specific model name, these watch movements are developed in-house and are unique to the manufacturer.

Watch Body

The watch's body consists of several parts. Usually referred to as the watch face, the area which displays the time and features numerals, markings, and the hands, can also be called the dial. The case protects the watch movement and creates a stylish appearance. This container can be found in many shapes to give your watch a unique look. Then there’s the reverse side of the case, the case back can be removed to repair and access the inner watch. To adjust the date and time, or to keep your non-automatic watch running, just twist the small knob on the side of your watch, known as the crown. Lastly, the crystal is the clear protective cover surrounding the watch face, while the bezel is a metal ring that encircles the crystal.

Watch Complications

To increase a watch’s functionality, complications are additional features such as a calendar, stopwatch, or moon phase indicator. Highly coveted, the chronograph is a watch that includes a stopwatch function with the use of aesthetically pleasing subdials. Other complications, such as the ability to display the day or date, require an aperture, which is a small opening on the dial. Another unique complication is the skeleton watch. A skeleton watch allows the wearer to view the inner working of the watch through a transparent or partially open dial. Similarly, the exhibition case back allows the viewing of the inner workings of the movement from the backside of the watch.

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