Quartz watches

Characteristics of Quartz Watches

Quartz watches are some of the most commonly found watches on the market today. They are battery-powered timepieces that utilize a quartz crystal embedded in the movement. As the crystal receives power from the battery, it begins to vibrate steadily, causing the movement to oscillate and drive the motor, thus moving the hands on the face to keep the time. The technology, invented in 1927 at Bell Telephone Laboratories, was popularized when Seiko mass-produced the quartz movement Astron in 1969. With a crystal battery to power the movements, quartz watches rely on fewer internal mechanics, making them less susceptible to damage-causing shock that could result in costly repairs.

Why Choose Quartz Watch

Quartz movements utilize technology that creates a highly accurate, low-maintenance timepiece that can last for decades. With fewer inner movements, they are less labor-intensive to make and repair, resulting in a more affordable timepiece. The accuracy of a quartz watch is near perfection, within half a second per day, and the most common upkeep for this type of timepiece is replacing the battery every few years. Additionally, their durability is well-documented. It was, after all, a quartz movement timepiece that was worn on the wrist of Reinhold Messner when he first climbed Mount Everest solo without supplemental oxygen. It is this mixture of reliability and convenience that makes them such popular choices among watch aficionados.

Popular Quartz Watches from the Top Watch Brands

Omega, the preferred timepiece of the world’s ultimate gentleman spy, James Bond, is a brand that personifies the ultimate combination of luxury and functionality with its quartz watches. Tag Heuer, a brand that embodies precision and bold style, has plenty of quartz models that are virtually indistinguishable from their mechanical movement counterparts. Built for speed, endurance, and audacity, these are the perfect timepieces for a fast-paced lifestyle. And if these top luxury brands are not enough to suit your fancy, quartz movement watches are available from just about every top luxury brand, such as Tissot, Rado, and Breitling.

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