Authorized Ulysse Nardin Retailer

A leader in marine chronometers and avant-garde movements in timepieces since 1846, Ulysse Nardin continues to innovate past the known boundaries of watchmaking to make incredible pieces of luxury. While highly functional and helpful with their numerous complications, watches by this renowned brand are wearable pieces of art that will continue to amaze for generations. As rugged as they are gorgeous, watches by Ulysse Nardin are great for an active or elegant lifestyle. It is our honor at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers to be an authorized Ulysse Nardin retailer in the Gabriel and Walnut communities.

Popular Ulysse Nardin Collections

Navies and explorers have tested the timepieces by Ulysse Nardin for generations. Featuring incredible designs inspired by the sea, these innovative watches on display as an authorized retailer in our Hing Wa Lee Showrooms are as luxurious as they are precise. Watches in the Executive collection boast masterful craftsmanship. There are several sub-categories under this collection that are well-loved. This brand’s nautical history influences the Marine collection of watches that has been accepted by 55 navies as precise navigation instruments. Sub-collections under the Marine name combine style with ultimate accuracy. 

The men’s and women’s collections we display in our Authorized Ulysse Nardin retail location in California are as inclusive as they are cutting-edge. This incredible brand makes collections that have watches for both genders and are equally beautiful and helpful. The female Classico models of watches and male Classico timepieces are superb dress watches perfect for professional and elegant attire. The men’s Diver collection and the women’s Diver watches have been tested in extreme conditions and are designed to have the best ergonomic design, water resistance, and reliability. Any athlete or nautical enthusiast will positively fall in love with their sublime timepieces.

Shop at the Authorized Ulysse Nardin Retailer Hing Wa Lee Jewelers

We look forward to you shopping at our authorized Ulysse Nardin retailer location of Hing Wa Lee Jewelers in California. Our talented team of associates will be able to walk you through our incredible models of watches by this renowned brand. With close to 30 years as an established source of luxury, we know there is a timepiece in our display cases that will be perfect for you or one of your loved ones. Request an appointment to visit our Walnut or Gabriel, California Authorized Ulysse Nardin showrooms for a personalized meeting with our team of professionals.