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Characteristics of Hublot Watches

Hublot has established itself as an innovator in the watch industry by consistently crafting distinct timepieces. In an industry dominated by centuries-long legacies, Hublot has set itself apart by enthusiastically embracing progress. Dubbed the “Master of Fusion,” Hublot has taken the best parts of traditional watchmaking and combined them with the latest technologies, blending materials and aesthetics that had never before been used together. The company’s daring spirit has never faltered. Today, they keep themselves on the cutting edge, ever pushing forward, not afraid to try something new and set the course for popular fashion, rather than following what has been done.

Popular Hublot Watch Collections

A prevailing theory in the scientific community is that our universe began with a Big Bang, and so too was the watchmaking universe reborn with one. An emblem of Hublot, the Big Bang collection is a continually evolving selection of daring masterpieces of horology. These watches are available in many finishes, but the true marvel of these pieces lies in the “open heart” of the design, which leaves the UNICO movement on full display. Hublot watches are available for both men and women, for the latter adding diamond accents to merge accuracy and functionality with a classic aesthetic and refined style.

Though fundamentally forward-thinking, Hublot recognizes the necessity to honor what has come before. Thus they present their take on the classic design with the Classic Fusion collection, crafted as unique distillations of previous models. The slender design retains the porthole casing of the Big Bang, with a cleaner, less complicated form, for a watch that will merge seamlessly with any outfit or aesthetic. Classic Fusion watches are also available with a chronograph function. However, if your eyes are often drawn skyward, some models are available with a complete moon-phase complication, to add another layer of functionality to this popular style.

Why Shop Hublot Watches at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers?

At Hing Wa Lee Jewelers, we have provided quality timepieces to our neighbors in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Alhambra for over thirty years. We are on a quest for perfection, and in that spirit, we’re constantly improving our showroom to create the best atmosphere for our customers to browse our vast selection comfortably. Experience the premier service by speaking with our highly trained staff, a team dedicated to providing our diverse clientele with expertise on the top watch brands in the world. For more information on our stunning collection of Hublot watches, contact us today.