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The Ins and Outs of Automatic Watches

June 5th, 2024

a yellow gold Audemars Piaget automatic watch with diamond accents

Exceptional horological excellence is showcased in our selection of watches from renowned designers. Automatic watches, driven by the natural motion of the wearer, epitomize precision and elegance. Our curated selection highlights the exceptional craftsmanship and innovation behind these timepieces. To enhance your appreciation and understanding, we've put together a comprehensive guide explaining how these fascinating watches operate. Discover the intricate beauty and superior functionality that make automatic watches a beloved choice for discerning enthusiasts and collectors alike. Experience the timeless appeal and mechanical mastery of these exquisite creations.

a woman’s extended hand, touching flowers and wearing a yellow gold watch

The History of the Self-Winding Watch

Automatic watches have a rich history dating back to the late 18th century when Abraham-Louis Perrelet invented the first self-winding mechanism in 1777. This groundbreaking innovation paved the way for future developments. Significant advancements occurred in the 1920s, with John Harwood creating the first commercially successful automatic wristwatch. Over the years, automatic watches have evolved, incorporating advanced materials and precision engineering. Today, they represent a harmonious blend of heritage and modern technology, showcasing timeless craftsmanship and ingenuity in horology.

a man talking on his phone and wearing a yellow gold automatic watch

The Heartbeat of an Automatic Watch

Automatic watches harness the kinetic energy generated by the wearer's wrist movements. This energy is transferred to a rotor, a semi-circular weight that oscillates with motion. The rotor winds the mainspring, storing energy to power the watch. This continuous motion ensures the watch remains powered without manual winding, combining convenience with intricate engineering.

Precision in Motion

The energy stored in the mainspring is gradually released, driving the watch's gears and regulating its timekeeping. A balance wheel oscillates back and forth, controlling the release of energy and ensuring consistent, accurate movement. This delicate interplay of components exemplifies the precision and craftsmanship that define automatic watches, making them marvels of horological innovation.

Maintaining Perpetual Motion

To keep an automatic watch functioning optimally, regular wear is essential. If left unworn, the watch will eventually stop, requiring manual winding or the use of a watch winder to maintain power. Proper maintenance, including periodic servicing, ensures the longevity and accuracy of these sophisticated timepieces, allowing them to be cherished for generations.

a bride and groom holding hands, the groom wearing a silver automatic watch

Automatic Watch Brands in Store

Our collection of automatic watches includes a variety of exceptional brands. Girard-Perregaux, with a heritage dating back to 1791, is celebrated for its innovative designs and technical mastery. Ulysse Nardin, established in 1846, is known for its precision marine chronometers and unique complications. Piaget, founded in 1874, combines watchmaking expertise with elegant design, creating timepieces that are both sophisticated and technically advanced. These three brands exemplify the quality and diversity of our selection, offering exceptional craftsmanship and timeless appeal. Explore our range to discover the perfect automatic watch to suit your style.

a couple holding hands, the man wearing a gold automatic watch

Explore Beautiful Automatic Watches at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers

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