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Luxury Timepieces In San Gabriel 

Here at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers, we are proud to offer our customers the best selection of luxury timepieces in San Gabriel. Our business is family owned and run, with a strong focus on connecting with our community and presenting our customers with an exceptional shopping experience. Our spacious, extravagant showroom was built to highlight every designer we carry in order to give customers a complete and thorough experience with each brand. Our goal is to provide an environment that is nothing short of luxurious each time you come in. 

Popular Luxury Timepiece Designers

Each designer has their own distinct style, which is why it’s important to represent and display every brand with integrity so our customers have the most informed experience possible while searching for the right piece for them. As we continue to offer the best luxury timepieces in San Gabriel, we strive to share our extensive knowledge of each brand with our customers looking to buy. Hublot watches have led the way in futuristic timepiece design as the company continues to innovate via expert craftsmanship and bold creativity. 

We are also proud to carry an exquisite selection of Rado and Hamilton watches, both trailblazing brands in the timepiece industry. Rado is a world-renowned designer that has taken all customer needs to the forefront. Their lightweight, hypoallergenic pieces made with sapphire crystal offer a soft, elegant look. Hamilton, an American brand that made its name during the early days of the railroads, is known for their perfectly crafted and durable watch selection. They were historically known for preventing railroad accidents with their impeccable accuracy. If you’re searching for the best timepieces in San Gabriel, our unbeatable selection of brands is sure to exceed your expectations. 

Shop For Luxury Timepieces In San Gabriel At Hing Wa Lee Jewelers

In 1980 Hing Wa Lee opened his first wholesale operation in downtown Los Angeles and now, just 40 years later, Hing Wa Lee Jewelers has become home to some of the best selections of timepieces in the world. Any retailer can sell you something, but we want to provide a complete luxury experience to give back to a community that has continued to support us. Call us at (626) 456-2222 to book an appointment and find your perfect luxury timepiece at our San Gabriel jewelry store today.