Characteristics of Designer Watches

Watchmaking is a centuries-old art form. Ever since the 16th century, some of the most talented people have been crafting intricate and beautiful timepieces. From their humble origins as novelty pendants to their current status as high-end fashion accessories, the legacy of luxury watches is one of excellence and artistry. This legacy lives on today. Many designer brands continue to create new and thrilling timepieces, each sporting a fresh and creative appeal. Some brands have been in operation for centuries, while others are newcomers to this competitive field. While some are part of large trade organizations, others are completely independent. Find your favorite designer watch at Hing Wa Lee.

Popular Designer Watch Collections

Few showrooms offer the immense variety that we have at Hing Wa Lee. Breitling, first established in 1884, is a preeminent creator of fine diving and aviation-oriented timepieces. They offer several extraordinary pieces made of robust, state-of-the-art materials. Girard-Perregaux is a highly regarded and esteemed watchmaker. Those in search of a formal and dressy accessory can find them with one of this Swiss brand's many collections. Founded in 1791, they are known for their signature three-bridge tourbillon. Hublot takes a sporty approach. Their pieces are made of high-tech materials that are uniquely robust, plus exhibit an array of complications.

Jaeger-LeCoultre specializes in offering a distinctly elegant and chic design. Slender silhouettes, enchanting case shapes, and reversible cases are phenomenally unique and stylish. Few brands have a signature, specialized style like Ulysse Nardin. Their collections exhibit a spectacular nautical aesthetic using deep blue shades and complementary white and gold accents. Chronographs and water-resistant materials make them perfect for anyone who longs for the sea.

Discover Designer Watches at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers

For an exceptional selection of timepieces in Los Angeles County, head to Hing Wa Lee Jewelers. Our vast offerings of glamorous, high-end watches are truly unparalleled, containing dozens of today's most desired and desirable pieces by the most highly esteemed brands. Feel free to request an appointment with our team to browse our marvelous inventory. Our professional watch experts will show you all the exquisite and exceptional timepieces at our European-style showrooms and work with you to find a piece perfect for your lifestyle. Email to learn the answers to all of your questions.